A small scary town

A small scary town where
days are filled with darkness
And the sound is full of silence

And people of that place
are Living in such a state
That their mouths are been locked

But They’re moving here and there
While carrying the burden in their hearts
And sadness in their eyes

It’s like a place
Where they’re not allowed
To see the happy clouds

And they’re sitting madly
or maybe smiling sadly
Laughing on their griefs

But no one can see
What they really feel
Maybe they’ve become masters
At hiding their pain


What is sadness?

What is sadness? A feeling? Feeling of being betrayed or worthless? It feels like someone is biting your body, or like your soul is getting separated from your body? Nothing seems good at that phase. we tend to lose our interests. I agree that sadness is the worst kind of feeling. we all suffer from something in our life. tragedies can make you hopeless or fearful. Maybe you’ll lose your charm or self-esteem too. but that doesn’t mean that we’re not important or we’re worthless. difficulties come to make us strong, to make us more mature . if you ask me. I really like that phase of sadness. I think that when we go through something terrible, that incident leaves a seed of sadness in our heart. we can never forget that incident or story . when will we sit alone that seed will begin to grow .but we can control that. now question is that how can we control that seed from growing? How can we control our tears? That’s too difficult. but we can . all we have to do is to bow before our God . to pray . to remember our God. it’ll take some time, maybe months or maybe some years. but it’ll heal. trust me it’ll. if we don’t go through some tough times. How can we know the importance of life? Don’t blame your self or someone else. I know moving on is not easy . but if we want to do something, we can. we can control anything with our mind. Believe me, you’re beautiful in your own way. don’t allow someone to rule you. Tragedies are important for us, they make our personality. try to enjoy every phase of your life . you’re important, you’re different from everyone .you’ll do something big .just try to focus on your dreams.